Type Compression Driver 
Caliber of Voice Coil 2 inches
Voice Coil Impedance 12.8ƒ¶iDC)
Max Input 6 ‚v
Size ƒÓ178 ~ D114 [mm]
Weight Roughly 9 kg
 Field Coil Power Supply  DC 7 V / 1.5 A

GIP-555 / 555W
Copyright (C) 2001 G.I.P.Laboratory All Rights Reserved

GIP-555 / 555W is the model that faithfully reproduce the Western Electric of WE-555, which has been loving by a large number of audio enthusiasts even today.
To reproduce GIP-555/555W, we have analyzed of its materials, structure, characteristics and efficiency, and through researches and trial production for many years.
We have revived the historical heritage of the human race, which is also referred to as a speaker series in the masterpiece of Western Electric on modern times by a combination of our technology and the passion.

A brass cover is installed as back lid of GIP-555 and a mesh ring is installed as back lid of GIP-555W.